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'Regional inequalities in income and opportunity are developing in Essay

'Regional inequalities in income and opportunity are developing in such a way that the gap emerging between rich and poor regions could threaten Russia's integr - Essay Example Regional inequalities in income and opportunity refer to inequalities that make the gap between the rich and poor that could threaten Russia’s integrity. For the inequality to make to threaten Russia’s integrity, it must be defined as that will merit political or social action on the part of the Russian government. To undertand that extent of this inequality, there must be a way of measuring the same. A way to do it is the Gini coefficient, which a measure of inequality of a distribution. Italian statistician Corrado Gini developed this Gini coefficient and published the same in his 1912 paper "Variability and Mutability". The term is a ratio with values between 0 and 1: where the numerator is the area between the Lorenz curve of the distribution and the uniform (perfect) distribution line and the denominator is the area under the uniform distribution line. The Gini index then is the Gini coefficient that is converted as a percentage, by multiplying it by 100. The Gini coefficient is used to measure income inequality, where 0 corresponds to perfect income equality and 1 corresponds to perfect income inequality (Wikipedia, 2007) (Paraphrasing made). The coefficient could be used to measure both inequality of income and opportunity. Inequality in income could be easily understood to refer to per capita income but inequality of opportunity must be defined clearly. Mitra, P. and Yemtsov, R. (2006) distinguished equality of opportunity and equality of outcomes as follows: â€Å"The World Development Report (2006) makes a persuasive case for policies that promote equality of opportunity, defined as opportunities to pursue a life of an individual’s choosing and be spared from extreme deprivation in outcomes. However, it cites the examples of decollectivization of agriculture in China in the late 1970s and wage decompression in Central and Eastern Europe following the onset of transition in those countries as cases

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Winston Churchills Role in World War 2 Essay Example for Free

Winston Churchills Role in World War 2 Essay Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, shortly known as Winston Churchill was born on the 30th of November 1874 to parents Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill. He was born into the aristocratic family of the Duke of Marlborough in a bedroom in Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, two months prematurely. Winston is best known for his leadership during World War 2. He is regarded as one of the best war time leaders in the 20th century and served as Prime Minister to the United Kingdom twice, between 1940-45 and 1951-55. Winston Churchill was well known for being a statesman and orator but was also an officer in the British Army, a historian, a writer and an artist. He is the only British Prime Minister to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature and was the first person to be made an Honorary Citizen of the United States. Churchill gained fame as a war correspondent and wrote books about his campaigns. Churchill was important to Britain in World War 2 for many different reasons, mainly because he was just such a good leader and because of the choices he made whilst in power. One of the main reasons was that he gave the British public belief, belief that they would win the war and by making optimistic speeches he inspired them and told them what they needed to hear. But as well as being this inspirational figure he was also quite harsh. He basically harassed the military commanders in the Middle East and North Africa for action and he gave them hell when they did not achieve the results he wanted. Field Marshall Alan Brooke spent most of the war fighting Churchill, although they actually got on really well! It was his job to ensure that none of Churchill’s ideas ‘saw the light of day’ and he tried to shield the military from him. One of the major things that Churchill did, between 1940-41 was gain the support of the United States. This was vital as Britain were essentially alone at resisting the Germans. It wasn’t until then that he actually formed a war strategy. Churchill adopted two goals: to defeat the Germans, and avoid unnecessary carnage. His grand strategy was to weaken Germany by attacking its more vulnerable borders, opening up new fronts in distant sites. He wanted to make new allies like France and Russia to make the Triple Entente while forcing Germany and other central powers to rearrange their military and economic resources to their western defenses. He thought that an action that brought a new ally to the cause could be as important as an action that won a battle. Churchill believed this would allow a coordinated offensive that would overwhelm German defenses and break the stalemate of trench warfare and ultimately, end the war. Attacking the Germans on multiple fronts would weaken the ir most decisive one. On 15th of January 1965, Churchill suffered a severe stroke that left him gravely ill. He died at his London home nine days later, at the age of 90 on the morning of Sunday 24th of January exactly 70 years after his father’s death. His funeral was the largest state funeral in world history up to that point in time, with representatives from 112 nations. Only Ireland did not broadcast the service live on television in Europe, where 350 million people watching including 25 million in Britain. By the command of Queen Elizabeth II, his body lay in state for three days and a state funeral service was held at St Paul’s Cathedral on the 30th of January, 1965.

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Child Development Essay -- Psychology, Locke, Rousseau, Piaget, Watson

There have been many visionaries that have developed theoretical frameworks which give a basic, general approach to understanding the ways in which children develop. Doherty and Hughes (2009) recall that early childhood progression is most commonly presented in terms of specific periods of time. Therefore, this tends to relate to the idea of fixed and limited stages that are strongly linked with chronological age, moreover, providing a very specific ordering of change. The most frequently identified periods of development are prenatal, infancy and toddlerhood, early childhood, later childhood and adolescence. Generalised theories on child development came about in the 17th century, with John Locke’s ‘Some Thoughts Concerning Education’ (1693) forming a foundation where a child was born as a â€Å"blank slate.† Contrastingly, Jean- Jacques Rousseau’s ‘Emile’ (1762) explored the idea that children were born with a sense of morality. These two theorists provide the origins of generalised development, meaning that within these theories, children develop in the same way. However, using Gewirtz and Pelaez-Nogueras’ (1992) criteria for evaluating theories, generalised theories do not take account for individual differences that exist as children grow and develop. Thus, it could be suggested that these broad patterns are not likely to be very helpful. Behaviourism, on the other hand, asserts that development of the individual can be achieved through observation of, and experiences in, the environment. It stipulates that development has to be based on observations rather than speculations about cognitive processes, which are by their nature unobservable. One early proponent of this theory was John Watson, who, in 1913, published a paper ... ...t reflects slow and steady change over time, or it goes through distinctly defined stages. Arguably, development should be considered as being largely continuous but having certain stages characterised by ‘milestone’ stages such as beginning to walk, where this new skill is clearly different from the child’s previous abilities. The development within early childhood can be seen to be due to many factors that have some clear effects upon some aspect of their progression, such as diverse environments and social settings. Every child experiences a unique combination of genetic and environmental influences that show how children have their own distinctive abilities, suggesting that generalised patterns are not very helpful indicators in considering the development of an individual child except as a loose framework within which to child’s development can be monitored.

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Disaster and Emergency Management

The Philosopher Aristotle said that â€Å"the greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons† and former US President John Adams also said that â€Å"if we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve? † I believe that I have lived up to the sayings of a great thinker and a leader and nothing is more rewarding than to give my life to safeguard the security of Canada and my countrymen. After my Bachelors degree in Criminology in York University, I worked as a Signal Operator in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve Toronto Communication Regiment for seven years.As a Signal Operator, I have installed and operated satellite communication systems and digitized high-frequency in order to facilitate effective emergency communications during domestic emergency operations. The job also allowed me to manage local area networks (LANs) and local distribution networks, operate cryptographic equipment, generate key material, coordinate circui t restoration in communications and information networks, plan communications services, and perform in land operations.Due to my skills and abilities, I have managed three member mobile radio detachment units in various extreme weather conditions, taught new recruits on the use of communications equipment at the Canadian Forces School of Communication and Equipment and manage the safekeeping of top secret communications equipment. In the army, I am tasked to fight as infantry and use personal weapons, reconnaissance and section level tactics when the need arise.From November 5, 2007 to present, I have been working as a Border Service Officer to safeguard the security and protection of the Canadians from people who are entering the border. I have to assure my country that these people will not threaten their lives and no prohibited goods will pass through the border. All people and goods getting into Canada must comply with Canadian laws and regulations. In a fight against terrorism, I assist in combating money laundering activities, prohibit the entry of firearms and detain people who pose as threat to my country.To safeguard the health of our people, I have to be on guard against the introduction of human, animal and plant diseases as well as the flow of narcotics and other illegal and prohibited substances. In compliance with the child abuse and protection law, I prevent the practice of child trafficking and child pornography. In August 2006, I completed my BS Criminology degree with Honours and I was placed on the Dean’s Honour Roll List as well as the Sessional AcademicAchievement list at York University.With my academic achievement, knowledge and skills, I am confident that I would make an excellent addition to the graduate program in Disaster and Emergency Management at York University. My passion for public safety and security will be enhanced when I obtain a Masters degree as I will learn to design and implement effective policies related to eme rgency response and preventative techniques for the Canadian soldiers in order to increase the protection at our borders and airports.Upon completion of the program, I will be prepared to occupy the senior management level position and write new policies, procedures and regulations as well as updating existing ones. I will also be deployed to Afghanistan and several overseas missions throughout my career. The knowledge and skills that I will gain will be used to aid Canadian soldiers, NATO allies and UN personnel who are affected by natural disasters and acts of terrorism. The 911 incidence awakened my passion to be totally committed in safeguarding Canada and protecting the lives of my countrymen.The potential threat to our security has increased tremendously after 911. Something has to be done and I believe that I have a role and a mission in protecting the interest of the Canadians. The birth of the Masters in Disaster and Emergency Management program at York University is the to ol that will help me become professional in this field. The battle cry for a secured and peaceful Canada can never be ignored and nothing can stop me from reaching my goals. References: HeartQuotes (2007).   â€Å"HeartQuotes: Quotes of the Heart†. Retrieved from on December 19, 2007. Quotation.   â€Å"John Adams quotes† Retrieved from   on December 19, 2007.

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David Jones Strategy and Branding - 1534 Words

As the new CEO of David Jones, it is recommended that Zahra reinforces internal branding, leadership capabilities and undertakes a re-evaluation of David Jones’ company culture and employee skills to restore organisational stability and a favourable public image. Reinforcing Internal Brand to Restore Image One of Zahra’s primary concerns should be to ameliorate the damage of McInnes’ actions on the integrity of the David Jones brand in the public eye. This is a critical organisational behaviour issue due to the correlation between projected brand image and firm cultural identity (Gioia et al. 2000). David Jones employees, of which 79.5% are female (David Jones Limited 2010) may feel alienated from organisation’s identity due to†¦show more content†¦2006). Zahra’s ability to re-establish these links and control the organisational network will enable him to lend further to his leadership credibility, as well as effectively disseminate core ideas for organisational focus (Eisenstat et al. 2008). Organisational Corporate Social Responsibility The final issue to be discussed upon the inception of Zahra’s role is the authority of David Jones’ management and behavioural expectations, focusing on the firm’s approach toward stakeholder complaints. This is stipulated in light of recent litigation by former employee Kristy Fraser-Kirk following the supposed dismissal of her sexual harassment claims by her colleagues and superiors (Fenner and Schneider 2010). The rejection of such claims demonstrates a poor understanding †¨of behavioural expectations within the workplace together with an unsatisfactory commitment to addressing employee concerns, indicating substandard protocol enforcement in David Jones (Gruber 1998). Dubios et al. (1997) state that the conduct of senior management generally shapes the organisational culture of a workplace and its employees, and as a consequence, when issues of sexual harassment are recognised as significant professional concerns and addressed appropriately by management , awareness and respect from staff will improve along with employee morale, thus enhancingShow MoreRelatedWhat Do You Identify as Sonys Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies? Does Sony Have a Sustainable Competitive Advantage?1289 Words   |  6 Pagesspecialist manufacturers. It employs a number of strategies in order to differentiate itself from these rivals and maintain its authentic association with surfing culture. These strategies include pursuing a niche market of 10-24 year old brand obsessed and anti mainstream consumers, multi branding, high involvement in multiple promotions to convey that Billabong is genuine and linked directly with the sport and also the strength of the brand itself. These strategies enable Billabong to successfully distinguishRead MoreResearch Proposal on Brand Loyalty in Mobile Phone Market1416 Words   |  6 Pagespreferences of Vietnamese growing market, and therefore being able to apply the knowledge and gain a competitive advantage in m arketing over existing firm. 4. Significance of the study This paper may be significant to improving the existing marketing strategy of Vietnamese’s mobile phone suppliers, particularly for new companies in the market, such as FPT with their S99 smart-phone; thus helping them to gain an advantage over established foreign suppliers (such as Nokia, Samsung, etc.). 5. DefinitionsRead MoreStrategic Review of Australian Department Store David Jones2623 Words   |  11 PagesDavid Jones Limited (DJS) is an Australian retailer tracing its origins back to 1838 when it first opened in Sydney to sell â€Å"the best and most exclusive goods† (DJS, 31 Oct. 2009). It has since expanded to become a national retail chain comprising of nearly 40 premium department stores. The subject of this analysis is a strategic business unit (SBU) that is playing an increasingly important role in the company’s future growth strategy; namely the provision of financial services. As the resultRead MoreDavid Jones Case Study3251 Words   |  14 PagesComparative Financial Analysis for the financial year 2012 for DAVID JONES Word Count: words Members of the Group (surname underlined): LIM EWE LEE 30109302 WONG MEI LIN 30109335 TEH KONG CHENG 30111788 Executive Summary David Jones, an Australia base company with its core business of operate departmental store in Australia, the company focus are beauty and cosmetic products, women’s wear, women’s accessories and footwear, menswear and accessories, food products, toys,Read MoreClass Or Mass? Neptune Case Study1801 Words   |  8 Pagesfrozen and processed seafood to retailers, their products are considered high quality brand seafood, and Market prices are changes daily with seafood, meat and fruits to customers who want to have quality goods. The knowledge creative organization’s strategy is to be one step ahead of the competitor and view customers and products as a whole—a total package. A customer cannot make do or survive without the product or service that the organization is soliciting. Of course, not all creative endeavorsRead MoreCompany Vision And Strategy Of Unilever1174 Words   |  5 Pagescommerce to many countries. Due to the fact that they sold their com modities in many regions, Unilever had to invest in a matrix of managers for financial and creativity to adapt to the locals’ palatableness and inclinations. This company vision and strategy led to the matrix organizational structure. (Maljers, 1992). Unilever’s Matrix Structure Unilever is made of a matrix of an organizational structure. This provides flexibility, efficiency, and the uncertainty of customers’ needs worldwide. ( NahavandiRead MorePop Up Stores1304 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODUCTION At the beginning of the 21st century, retailing has experienced a significant change due to the increase of competition strategies. This report will illustrate the traditional concept of retailing and introduce three new kinds of retail forms and combinations that has emerged, which includes co-branding retailing, limited time only stores and retail entertainment in the global market. RETAILING Retail, in the traditional sense includes all the activities in selling goods or servicesRead MoreMcdonalds Organizational Structure1757 Words   |  8 Pages(Scott amp; Davis, 2007). Rational systems theory is generally viewed as a closed system (Ashmos amp; Huber, 1987); however, to deal with environmental changes the organization sets new tactical goals to satisfy the organization’s strategic goals (Jones, 2010). The language employed connotes†¦knowledge, efficiency, optimization, implementation, and design occurs frequently (Scott amp; Davis, 2007, p. 36). The goals of McDonald’s remain consistent with the characteristics of most formalized organizationalRead MoreTesco in China4816 Words   |  20 Pages...................................................................... 16 Is Tesco able to deliver its Strategy? ......................................................................... 17 5. List of References............................................................................................................. 18 i List of Tables Table 1: Tesco’s International Strategy Table 2: Current Shopping Trends in China Table 3: Opportunities and Threats in the Chinese Retail MarketRead MoreEssay on Strategic Marketing : Colgate3843 Words   |  16 Pages INTRODUCTION The concern given to develop a marketing strategy which acts as a vital and integral part of business where a fastest growing company like Colgate being taken under consideration focusing to the basic understanding and developing opportunities in sales increment, brand management as well as to evaluate and understand the current opportunities to derive the best from it as an advantage. The development of marketing strategies acts as value added in business and also helps the firm to

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Chuang Tzu s Basic Writings Essay - 1558 Words

Chuang Tzu’s Basic Writings, with his idea of â€Å"the way† which is effortless and ineffable, seem to suggest a minimalist take on government. The Daoist philosophy present in the text has no room for organized hierarchy or unified morality in the understanding of the world. This leaves no room for government whose laws and bureaucracy are based on codified morality and hierarchy. The government must also allow its citizens to practice the wu-wei, which means the government would have to allow individual freedom. Thus the only suitable form of government following â€Å"the way† would be a limited structure emphasizing individual morality—essentially a libertarian form of government. There is a lack of hierarchy in Chuang Tzu’s Daoism due to the belief in the indistinguishable position of the individual to the rest of humanity and humanity to all the world. This is evident in â€Å"The Dream and The Butterfly† in which Chuang Tzu shows that the perspective of a human is no truer than the perspective of a butterfly. In the fable, Chuang Tzu’s questioning of which organism is the reality and which is the dream blurs the distinction between humanity and nature. This is consistent with Chuang Tzu’s belief that humanity is one with nature, meaning that human government should reflect the form of hierarchy present in the natural world. Such a belief in the most natural sense of hierarchy would at first suggest that â€Å"the way† is a path of egalitarianism; however, this belief that, in nature,Show MoreRelatedReligion Essay1759 Words   |  8 Pagesearly Taoist book, including the Chuang Tzu and the Lao Tzu, is in fact an anthology of work by many writers. That the Chuang Tzu is a compilation has long been generally agreed, but to deny that the Lao Tzu is homogeneous is still widely decried as heresy. Nevertheless a growing body of scholarship supports, with careful and impressive documentation, the statement of Fung Yu-lan that both the Chuang Tzu and the Lao Tzu are really collections of Taoist writings and sayings, made by differing personsRead MoreEssay on Taoism1326 Words   |  6 PagesTaoism Taoism originated in China during the 300s BC. It has been part of the Chinese culture for 2,000 years. It was during the same time period as Confucianism, but had opposite ideas and morals, yet it was equally as important as Confucianism in Chinese history. Taoism began as a reaction to historical situations(c1), and became a philosophy of the natural way. The word Tao actually means road or way. Taoism has had a large impact on art and literature, and had been greatlyRead MoreEssay on Taoism: The Balance of Nature and Humans1876 Words   |  8 Pages Taoism has many profound theories which can be difficult to understand. Taoism is a balanced relationship between humans and nature. The most basic concept is the Tao. This originally refers to the road extending in one direction. The Tao is unseen and unheeded, yet it is the Tao that is truly and constantly useful, like the space in a vessel or a window. (Choice)Tao refers to the rules governing behaviors in human beings and objects. In order to make this theory become more clearRead MorePhilosophy Socrates vs. Taoism2554 Words   |  11 Pagesof the good. In this rgard, each philosophy is noticed to have beliefs that strive for followers to improve their lives and to be on a path of self-purification. This essay will primarily focus on understanding the basics of the conception of good in Taoist philosophy a s well as the basic conception of good according to Socrates. While analyzing we will also determine if the Taoist conception of good is more reasonable than that of Socrates. In Taoism, the Tao is worshiped as the first-cause of theRead MoreCritical Response to the Tao Te Ching2847 Words   |  12 Pagesarchetype, as other versions have, ironically, done† (pp.ix, Mitchell). After my initial reading I was left with a series of questions floating around my mind. I made a point of writing them down as they came to me and I will share them with you now. If the Tao cannot be spoken of, then what was the reasoning in ever writing it? And even after attempting to write it, how does one express the inexpressible? And after expressing said wisdom is action even possible (given the underlying current of passivityRead MoreExistentialism vs Essentialism23287 Words   |  94 Pagesof being must take precedence over that knowledge in philosophical investigations. Being cannot be made a subject of objective enquiry; it is revealed to individual by reflection on his own unique concrete existence in time and space. Existence is basic: it is the fact of the individual’s presence and participation in a changing and potentially dangerous world. Each self- aware individual understands his own existence in terms of his experience of himself and his situation. Th e self of which he isRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458, or you may fax your request to 201-236-3290. Many of the designations by manufacturers

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A Study on Financial Performance Analysis at Vijay...

A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS aT [pic] [pic] A Project report submitted to Osmania University in partial fulfillment of the Requirements For the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Submitted By Folasayo Adesioye HT.NO 073-07-189 Under the guidance of Ms. NAZIA ULFATH (Asst. Professor) [pic] MOGHAL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (Affiliated to Osmania University) BANDLAGUDA, HYDERABAD – 500005. 2007 - 2009 DECLARATION I hereby declare that this project report titled â€Å"A STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS† is submitted by me to Osmania University is a bonafide work undertaken by me and it is not submitted to any other University or Institute for the award of†¦show more content†¦| | |CHAPTER II |2.1 Review of Literature |12-15 | |CHAPTER III |PROFILE |16-35 | | | 3.1 Industry Profile | | | | 3.2 Company Profile | | |CHAPTER IV |DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION |36-85 | |CHAPTER V |FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS |86-91 | | | | | | | 5.1 Findings | | | | 5.2 Suggestions | | | |CONCLUSION AND BIBLIOGRAPHY |92-95 | | |6.1Show MoreRelatedFinancial Statement Analysis9766 Words   |  40 PagesPage - 1 of 24 Financial Statement Analysis. Abstract Financial Statements are summaries of monetary data about an enterprise. Hence Financial Statement Analysis will help one to assess the Viability, Stability, Profitability and Liquidity of an enterprise. In this Assignment, an attempt, to analyze the financial performance of two companies in Textile Industry (S.Kumar Nationwide Ltd. Gokaldas Export Ltd.) has been made. As the result of this assignment I found the performances of S.Kumar NationwideRead MoreAn Organisational Study About Canannore Spinning and Weaving Mill4698 Words   |  19 PagesA STUDY ON PRODUCTION amp; HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT IN CANNANORE SPINNING AND WEAVING MILLS, MAHE PALLOOR – 673 333 Placement Training Report SUBMITTED BY KIRAN . T REG.NO.PZAIBBAR09 Under the Guidance of Organization Guide Faculty Guide MR.RAMAKRISHNAN MR.SAJI GEORGE (The Cannanore Spinning amp;Weaving Mills, Mahe) (Department of Commerce) Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of the degree of BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION OFRead MoreAnalysis on Cement Industry and Ultratech Cement4501 Words   |  19 Pages[pic] TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No 1. Introduction 3 2. Indian Cement Industry Analysis 4 3. Aditya Birla Group 9 4. Ultra Tech Cement 14 5. Conclusion 19 6. Bibliography 20 Figures 1. Cement Demand Drivers 5 2. Hindalco Net Sales 11 3. Birla Nuvo Consolidated Revenues 12 4. Birla Nuvo Revenue Mix 12 5. Ultra Tech Net Earnings 16 6. Ultra Tech Net Worth 16Read MoreMarketing Strategy of Ultratech Cement12105 Words   |  49 PagesPLAYERS GOVT. POLICIES CEMENT EXPORTS PORTER’S 5-FORCE MODEL . SWOT ANALYSIS 3. INTRODUCTION ULTRA TECH CEMENT 3.1 PRODUCTION UNITS 3.2 ULTRA TECH ADVANTAGES 3.3 AWARDS 3.4 EXPORTS 4. PROJECT WORK 4.1 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 4.2 RESEARCH DESIGN 4.3 DATA ANALYSIS FINDINGS 4.4 LIMITATIONS Read MoreI Love Reading Essay69689 Words   |  279 PagesGovernment of India b i n n o v a i c u l t u r w u s i n e s f E N T R E P R E N E UR S H I P m n a d c a t i o n u o n P l o y m e n t l t h e v i r o n m e n t n a n c e A Study by National Knowledge Commission Entrepreneurship in India National Knowledge Commission 2008  ©National Knowledge Commission, 2008 This report has been prepared by Amlanjyoti Goswami, Namita Dalmia and Megha Pradhan with support and guidance from Dr. Ashok Kolaskar and Mr. Sunil Bahri. TableRead MoreRetailing and Big Bazaar12258 Words   |  50 Pages Under the guidance of INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL GUIDE NAME COLLEGE NAME Approved by A.I.C.T.E, New Delhi, Accredited by NBA, COLLEGE LOGO DECLARATION I hereby declare that this Project Report entitled â€Å" A STUDY ON CUSTOMER PREFERENCES IN CHOOSING BIG BAZAAR† at BIG BAZAAR, RTC ‘X’ ROADS is a bonafied work done by me for the award of degree of Master of Business Administration submitted to College Name. The results embodied in this thesis have not been submittedRead MoreBusiness Journalism in India26104 Words   |  105 PagesBusiness and Magazine Journalism (combination of Niche I and II) 1 Growing importance of business journalism, a brief history (2) 2 The structure of financial management in the country starting with the Finance Minister, (5) rest of the bureaucracy, RBI governor, Planning Commission, SEBI, Banking sector 3 The Budget preparation and presentation, factors influencing the annual budget, role of (5) subsidies and foreign exchange reserves 4 Companies, balance sheets, AGMs window dressingRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 PagesThis will make the firms to be different than the competitors. Hence marketing becomes a very important functional area for every firm where the competition is very high. In a business firm, marketing generates the revenues that are managed by financial people and used by the productions people in creating products or services. The challenge of marketing is to generate that revenue by satisfying consumers wants at a profit and in a socially responsible manner. Marketing is not limited to businessRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 Pages CONTENTS: CASE STUDIES CASE STUDY 1 Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A): The Role of the Operating Manager in Information Systems CASE STUDY I-1 IMT Custom Machine Company, Inc.: Selection of an Information Technology Platform CASE STUDY I-2, Inc.: Deciding on the Next Steps for a VoIP Supplier CASE STUDY I-3 The VoIP Adoption at Butler University CASE STUDY I-4 Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City CASE STUDY I-5 Data